June Elise Dewsberry

a celebration of life

April 27, 2019

June Elise Dewsberry

a celebration of life

April 27, 2019

To the right is the slide show presentation that was part of the Celebration of Life.

Pictures from the life of June Elise Dewsberry, accompanied by the song “It’s Always June”. (Written by Elise Dewsberry and Carl Ritchie; arranged by Ed Henderson. Vocals by Elise Dewsberry. Cello by Stephen Green. Piano by Shelley Hansen.)

To the left is a video of the entire Celebration of Life service from Saturday, April 27, 2019 in the Meadows Community Center at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.


Bruce Dewsberry, eldest child of June Dewsberry, honored his mother’s legacy with a special run. Bruce ran/walked 63 miles from his home in Clinton, Missouri to John Knox Village. 

“She was a get-it-done type of person, a force to be reckoned with,” Bruce said. “Mom has done different things like ziplining, hiking the Grand Canyon, and several multi-day charity walks – and would always raise funds for different organizations, including the Village, when she did them. She was always committed to helping others while challenging herself. She didn’t put many limitations on herself and I wanted to honor that.”

The funds raised by this tribute will be used to upgrade the sound systems in the different community rooms at the Village—a cause that was very near and dear to June.

You can still make a donation to the John Knox Village Foundation
in June Dewsberry’s name.  Just visit


into the “Other” field when filling in your information.

The Dewsberry Family

Back row (L to R): Carl Ermelbauer, Adrian Brydon, Fred Dewsberry
Middle row (L to R): Rebecca Green, Stephen Green, Lisa Brydon, Adrienne Dewsberry, Sandra Dewsberry, Bruce Dewsberry, Cara Dewsberry
Front row (L to R): Elise Dewsberry, Arthur Dewsberry, Peggy Dewsberry

Choir Rehearsal

Members of June’s family rehearse the choral number “Gentle Voice” that was part of the Celebration of Life service.

Bach Rehearsal

A rehearsal for Bach’s “Arioso” with Stephen Green on cello, Deb Baur on piano.


People beginning to gather in the Meadows Community Center for the service.

The Willimann Family

Back row (L to R): Wayne Peters, Zachary Rice, Jonathan Rice, Mary Grace Rice
Middle row (L to R): Jim & Laurie Willimann, Jennifer Willimann, Kristine Willimann, Kimberly Schneidereit, Erika Rice, Amber Adwell, Jon Rice
Front row (L to R): Ruth & Orval Willimann, Kathleen Rice, Hannah Rice

Pie Jesu Rehearsal

A rehearsal for “Pie Jesu” with Stephen Green on cello, Peggy Dewsberry on clarinet, and Cara Dewsberry on piano.

Memory Table

At the service, this table contained pictures, elephants, and a beautiful Memory Book compiled by Sandra Dewsberry and Lisa Brydon.


Cousins Rebecca Green, Cara Dewsberry, and Lisa Bryden prepare center-piece bouquets for the family luncheon. (Thanks to cousin Carol Jennings for the flowers!)

Friday Night Dessert

On the Friday before the Memorial, many family members gathered at Art Dewsberry’s home for dessert.

Saturday Lunch

On Saturday afternoon, we gathered again to share Indian food.


Cousins Elizabeth Baur and Adrienne Dewsberry enjoy the day.

Sunday Lunch

Our last gathering was a catered luncheon on Sunday.

Sitting Elephant

For those of you who were at the Memorial, or who watched the video … THIS is the elephant of which Orval Willimann was speaking ….


Carol Jennings and Orval Willimann get a chance to catch up.

Yummy Indian Food!

Lots of wonderful food including some from June’s favorite Indian restaurant, the Taj Mahal.

Dewsberry Cousins

Art gets a chance to catch up with his own cousins: Bob Dewsberry, Barbara Conklin, and Maryann Danielson. 

More Food!

A very yummy luncheon at John Knox Village.

More Elephants...

This is just one very small part of Mom’s elephant collection…

Family Tree

This is an abbreviated Family Tree that was created by Adrienne Dewsberry to help the relatives who attended the Memorial understand how they were all related. Many branches of the tree were left off, as well as the entire newest generation – but this is a great representation of the family members who were gathered in Kansas City in April, 2019.

If you would like to study the tree more closely, you can CLICK HERE FOR A PDF VERSION.